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Sindy is the short name for
the "Geneva Social Syndicate". We set it up in '99 to do 1 thing: make Geneva more friendly and fun. The idea was born when 3 friends - American, South African, and Israeli - got together in Geneva one evening in '99. That evening, after exchanging  the usual sex life lies, our talk drifted to our own less-than-impressive social life. We all arrived in Geneva a year earlier to work for big companies, and we all shared the same problems: we didn't know how to really meet folks from outside our work place, and we found the night life a bit sleepy. Plus, 1 of us was losing his hair. We decided to do something about it.


We spent the next 6 months putting together a volunteer group of  20 friendly people, expats & Swiss, each working for a different Geneva based company. We called this group Sindy, and the 20 sucker volunteers (us included) got to call themselves Sindy MANAGERS to make them feel good. Then we started doing Sindy events to get people together. The first one was a party on the UN beach, and we expected 200 guests. 3000 showed up. Sindy was born. And the balding guy? He was still balding. But now at least he was a MANAGER.


Today Sindy is a huge Geneva network, with 6000 members (who are they?), and with over 20 Sindy events each year: mega parties (with 2,000 guests), adventure trips, Salsa Weekends, Charity work, After work parties, a volunteer program with UNICEF, ski trips, Sunday brunches, and more. Sindy is non commercial, and is still managed by 20 folks who have a day job, and do the Sindy activities with love on the side. We rely on our own events to finance our activities, and often support local charities. Since '99 we received hundreds of Emails from Geneva people whose lives we touched, and honestly speaking - we're proud of Sindy. In 2006 we also launched a sister online community - www.glocals.com - that is now the largest Switzerland network of  expats & locals, in Enlish.



Expat and local professionals, aged 25+, who like to meet others and have fun. It don't matter if you're black or white, married or single, rich or poor, gay or straight. If you like people and fun - join us.



We hope we're not dreaming here, but we really think there's a unique Sindy Spirit at our events. This Sindy spirit is simple - it means that when you decide to come to a Sindy event you agree to make an effort to be friendly and to let yourself have fun. That's the whole secret. Be friendly, have fun - and you got the spirit.



To contact us: sindy.geneva@usa.net

To join our mailing list: please send any Email to:  sindy.geneva-subscribe@topica.com