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Sindy Charity Weekends

Every month, 15 Sindy volunteers meet up to cook and help feed 120 Geneva homeless folks. We're always looking for volunteers to help us with these events. If you're up for it, please contact Rob McLaren (the Sindy volunteer who initiated and is running the Charity weekends) directly on robert_mclaren@yahoo.com

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Rob's personal account of a typical charity weekend:

"It was a happy but sleepy group of people who turned up at 8 am to do the shopping. We piled the cash till high with 10 bulk size sacs of lettuces, tomatoes and peppers, 7 Kgs of meat, 16 packets of Spaghetti, 60 onions and 100 apples and oranges. Back at the Jardin we chopped this mountain of food into small pieces under the watchful eye of our expert chef Jerome. The tension mounted as midday approached and 240 hungry eyes watched the spaghetti finally reach Al dente. The dessert of oranges and apples was complimented by some delicious cakes and biscuits cooked by Marie-Adrienne and the team couldn't resist 'testing' them to make sure they were fit for your guests ;-) Like the last time, we were astonished to see all the food disappear in half an hour. When the last satisfied customer left, we finished off the day by having lunch together at a much more leisurely pace. We had a great morning, made some cool new friends and fed over 100 hungry people from the streets of Geneva. My thanks go out to a great team, Michelle, Ian, Marie-Adrienne, Emma, Laura, Nadege, Cristiano, Catherine and last, but not least, our talented chef Jerome. Rob"