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Salsa Weekend 2008

April 19+20



The event is FULL. Sorry...


What it is

60 friendly Sindy and folks (who can't Salsa!) get together for a Salsa seminar weekend (6 hrs total: 3 hrs on Saturday afternoon, 3 hrs on Sunday afternoon). With an award winning teacher, in English,  50/50 gender split. You're welcome alone, with a group, or partner. Hips not included.


When / where

The seminar is 2 days:
Saturday, April 19, 16h-19h & Sunday, April 20, 15h-18h
It's at a super studio - reserved just for us - in center town.


To Join

Sorry, the event is FULL.



CHF 95 per dancer. Latin charm included.



Past Participants said:


"I met a lot of friendly people, and actually learnt how to dance salsa!!!

        - Gabriele Grecu


"We had a blast -- learning salsa, meeting new friends.."

      - Rakesh


"A grey Sunday became full of dance and people!"

     - Maria Famman



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Participants Said:

"It was simply GREAT! I met a lot of friendly people, made a lot of new friends and... actually learnt how to dance salsa!!! (well, at least trying to dance...)"
Gabriele Grecu



"It was great! You want it in more words? - exciting, entertaining, exhausting, funny, enlightening, affordable!"

Dannie Kovalenko



"We had a blast -- learning salsa, meeting new friends.."




"The Salsa Weekend was really great, I enjoyed it very much and was pleased by the funny style Neeraj showed and explained the steps and turns to us"




"I liked the class very much. Neeraj''s sense of humour and imitations of bad dancing kept things light hearted"

Emma Sharp



"It was wonderful to join in to the Salsa week-end. I found Neeraj to be very helpful, fun, clear and made the event enjoyable"

Kraig Harnett



"Many thanks to Sindy Gang for making us salsa! I'm only counting in figures 1-2-3-5-6-7 in these days :) "

Sari Laaksonen


"I had so much fun during the class (and at the dinner and dancing afterwards). Teacher did it well, made us laugh and best of all, actually *taught* us how to dance :)"

Jon Ruano


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