Xmas Ball 2003


December 5, 22h00 - 05h00

Hotel Intercontinental


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to Sindy's 4th annual glamorous Xmas Ball. This year's event is at the Hotel Intercontinental's Grand Ball Room (fits 2000 guests). The ball features Bjorn Again live, 2 DJs, snow cannons, and more Xmas surprises. We will cooperate with UNICEF during this event. Dress code is formal, Entrance is with invitation only, age 25+, at CHF40 per person. Tickets at the door. 


Special Formal Wear Prices for Sindy members:

Gents can rent full tuxedos at CHF95 instead of CHF120 at La Mascarade, 2 rue des Rois. 

Ladies can purchase evenign wear at 10% discount at Karen Millen, 7 cours de Rive.  

Please mention "Sindy" for these special prices

Xmas Ball 2002 Pics

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