This Saturday

October 29

Halloween Scream '05


7 rue du Stand




 + 1600 FRIENDLY SKELETONS, axe murders, witches, & other friendly Sindy creatures 


+  DRESS CODE: ANY COSTUMES !!! See below pictures for ideas


+ 3 HORROR ROOMS: main horror, scary salsa, back chilling chill out


+  FREE FACE PAINTERS to help you look your worst


+ SINDY VOLUNTEER VAMPS welcoming you with big sharp teeth & free blood cocktails


+ DR MARC's LIVE SHOW don't know Dr Marc?!? See 'forums' on


+ HALLOWEEN DECO not suitable for weak hearts


+  ON STAGE COSTUME COMPETITION top prizes from Holmes Place & Karen Millen


+  AGE 25+, CHF 20 (for those without costume: CHF 25)







What to wear?


Special costume prices




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