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What we learned from the Beach Party



Ensure only 'Sindy Spirit' people are at Sindy parties

At other Sindy parties we're VERY strict on the door policy, to ensure only guests with friendly Sindy spirit, and age 25+, are in. But at the beach parties - for legal reasons - we're obliged by law to be more 'relaxed' at the door. We'll continue to be strict at other Sindy events.


More beer

We ran out of beer at 23h - apologies.  The bars were NOT managed by us, but by the professional bar owners. The lesson is learned. 


Lower food prices

 At the party a pizza cost CHF10, and kebabs cost CHF15, and this is too much. The food (like the bars) was not managed by us, but outsourced to the pros. Next time we'll control their prices much more carefully.




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